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My vocabulary trainer


Build your own vocabulary lists and learn them anywhere at any time.


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Build your own vocabulary list

In LoudWords vocabulary trainer app there is no predefined vocabulary list.
Fill your workbooks with words you choose.


Import csv file

Add words one by one or you can import word lists from csv files. expand_more

A CSV is a comma separated values file.
Value order: languageB,languageA,Sample sentence in languageB.
LanguageB is the language you learn. expand_less.


Workbook sharing in CSV format

Send your workbook to another LoudWords user, in an easily importable CSV format.


Sample sentence

You can add a sample sentence to each word, it can help to learn how to use new vocab.


Learn any languages you desire.

Make bilingual or monolingual vocabulary lists. Organise your vocab in workbooks.
Tip: You can build different language vocab in every workbook, just set the proper TTS engine when you start practicing.


Text-to-speech (TTS)service.

Listen the pronunciation of the word.
Practice your reading, listening and speaking skills at once.
Tip: Use Google Text-to-speech engine or any other TTS engine available on you device.


Night Mode

Protecting your eyes & Saving battery



LoudWords app transforms every word into a flashcard.
You can switch between list view and flashcard view when you learn and practice your vocab.


Practise with Leitner system

Leitner system is a method of efficiently using flashcards. In LoudWords app you can store your flashcards in 3 learning boxes. The advantage of this method is that you can focus on the most difficult words. expand_more

There are 3 boxes called "Box 1", "Box 2" and "Box 3". The cards in Box 1 are the ones that you often makes mistakes with, and Box 3 contains the cards that you know very well. When you practise a Box and get the correct answer, mark it with thumb_up, if you make a mistake mark it with thumb_down. After practice correct answers go to the next box, wrong ones go back to the first box.
Suggestion: Repeat the words in Box 1 once a day, Box 2 every 3 days, and the Box 3 cards every 5 days.
Tip: If you want a card to stay in its box mark it with thumbs_up_down expand_less.


Practice result chart

You can save your practice result in a compact chart format and share with your friends and family.



Organise your vocab in workbooks. Find any word in any workbook regardless of which one is open.


No internet connection required.

Build your vocabulary list and practise anywhere at any time.


Workbook printing and saving as PDF


Easy Access

Add selected words to your workbook through floating text selection toolbar. (Android 6.0 +)


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Get it on Google Play


Androcats and LoudWords My vocabulary trainer app


LoudWords My vocabulary trainer app is the first published app of Androcats.

Androcats as its first project aspired to make an educational, useful app for Android users.

The idea of LoudWords came from a personal need, which turns into a practical and helpful app for language learners.

The developer wishes all LoudWords' users to enjoy their studies and success in learning languages.

LoudWords is free to download, but if you find it useful and helpful in developing your vocabulary learning process, please consider supporting the app by leaving a tip or buy a coffee for the developer, she deserves it. :)