Virtual Reality (VR) in real estate industry could revolutionize the presentation of floor plans.

You can give experience to your customers they never had before.


VR for properties still in construction

VR is a groundbreaking tool for real estate agents, as they are able to show unfinished projects like never before. Virtual reality experiences bring your architectural projects to life, gives the opportunity to you and your clients to explore a virtual representation of a particular room, floor, or even a whole building.

VR for existing properties

Potential buyers usually try to imagine themselves living in the property during a viewing. Researches show that dirty kitchens and bathrooms, dated decor, clutter, having too much stuff around could give the buyers an overall "bad feeling", put them off or could knock off the value of the property. With VR you can present the property layout without any disturbances. It can not replace the real-life visit, but it could help buyers to focus on the floor plan and imagine easier their own things in situ.

Google Cardboard

Cardboard is a simple, portable and affordable way to experience VR on your smartphone. Cardboard VR scenes run as mobile applications.
What you need to explore cardboard VR are a certified viewer, a compatible mobile phone and the Cardboard app that helps you launch the VR experiences (apps).

How to move in Cardboard VR

Put your phone inside the Cardboard viewer. The sensors of your smartphone track head movement, so you can look up and down, turn around. The "waypoints" allow you to do a virtual walk-through of the property. By keeping your sight on a waypoint (we use small green cubes in our scenes) a circle appears around it, if you push the button on your cardboard viewer, you will be transported to where the waypoint is located. It is that simple.

Are you excited to try layout VR visualization experience out?

Take a look at our one bedroom apartment demo project.

If you want to see the 2D floor plan of your property in virtual reality please contact us for more details.